The Search page offers three options for finding titles of interest.

1.  Simple Search

Enter a search term in the window and click or enter to find all titles with the search term in the title or basic metadata.

2. Advanced Search

Use this option to limit searches to particular fields or document types.

1. The "include/exclude titles owned" option is available to administrators only.

2. Type in the search term or choose from the dropdown list provided (see below.)

The * wildcard symbol may be used to broaden searches. For instance, if you are looking for books on "bullying," you will get more relevant results by using the term "bully*". Or even ""bull*"  which will produce hits on the words "bullied" and "bullies" which the others will not catch. (Of course "bull*" will also produce irrelevant results on "bullfighting" and "bulls".)

3. Limit by publication type

4. Add search in fulltext if desired, and limit to titles available to your account.

5. This option supports boolean (and/or) combinations of search terms. Add more filters using the + sign, or reduce the number of filters using the - sign.

These fields are available in Advanced Search:


The main search window offers quick counts of titles available by a number of facets, which may be combined to refine searching.

As shown below, the Library Administrator view (accessible by password) offers additional selections

Library Users see this:

Library Administrators have these additional views:

Users Panel:

1. Limit by publication type (Public Documents or Books)

2. Check this to find search terms in both metadata and fulltext in each Book or Document

3. Use this panel to limit searches to only titles licensed by your library. See here for more on available titles.

4. To limit searches within broad subject categories, use "Subject Interest."

Library Administrators Panel:

1. Available to your Library:  These are the Books and Documents which your library currently has under license.

2. Your Library's Holdings: These are the Books for your library holds perpetual access licenses.

3. Access denied: These are the titles which are not in your library's collections  (subscribed or owned) which have been selected by users.