In making the transition from CEL on ebrary to desLibris, many libraries will need to retire their ebrary records and replace them with desLibris records in their catalogues.

This page provides guidance in carrying out this task.

desLibris records differ from the original CEL records in these ways:

MARC Field



The control number is the Document ID in each system.


Notes and Series statements. ebrary-branded records may have multiple notes and series statements, depending on the collection or collections (h, p or hp) to which they belong, whereas desLibris records are either in the Books or Documents collection, and have only one note and series statement to that effect.


CEL series statements and justifying notes are removed


ebrary urls are site-specific or "branded" with a library site name. desLibris urls are not branded but uniform. There is only one url for any given title. This allows any given record set (such as "desLibris Documents" to be used interchangeably, simplifying the permutations and combinations.

As a starting point, catalogue managers should become familiar with the files available on the CELArc Export page, which are described here.

Here there are complete sets of records for both any previously-subscribed ebrary collections as well as for the new desLibris counterparts.

In addition, delete files are available for each subscribed collection to assist with purging CEL/ebrary records, if this step is required.

As an alternative,.complete sets of any group of records may be downloaded from the Standing Collections page.

Customized replacements

If your library has enhanced its CEL records, we can offer the service of updating them to the desLibris format while preserving the enhancements.There will be a charge of $.08/record or $50/hour for this service. Please inquire for details.

Finally, to assist libraries in removing CEL/ebrary MARC records we provide a number of delete record sets which may be found on this page.