Only Library Administrators have access to this function. A "purchased" book in desLibris is a book for which a perpetual access license has been acquired.

Books purchased on desLibris become available immediately to users under the terms of the license purchased.  

To get a price quote or purchase a book or books, login to your desLibris admin account and locate the book(s) in the Search tab. (The best approach is to create a set containing the titles of interest (for example, all titles dated 2016) from which selections may be made.

Choose the "Online order" view option.

Clicking this option will present an order form showing all titles in the search. On this form you may (1) refine your title selection, (2) set a preference for single (S) or multiple-user (M) access.

(Where publishers have granted only single-user access, the M option will not be available.)

When any title is selected, a green "Next step" button (3) will appear.

Clicking on the "Create Order" button will present a quote showing (1) number of titles selected for each license type, applicable taxes and an order total. As a next step, you then have the option of (2) confirming the order or (3) receiving a quote.

Selecting (3) will generate an email to your admin address which will contain a link to the "Order History" tab in the Perpetual Access Dashboard. Here you can review and confirm or delete orders.

Selecting "Confirm Order" will place the order for your account.

To purchase a single title

Search for the book and go to More Details. If the "Buy this Book" button is active, click on it to add the book to your shopping cart.

Buy this book button

Click on the Shopping Cart (upper right corner)

Shopping cart 1

Here the book or books you have selected will appear with pricing.'%20Press%20and%20Women's%20Press

On the facets list you’ll see that 206 titles have been made available by the publisher for fulltext access.

Under Your Library’s Holdings you’ll see that 140 are included in the subscription collection.

And 194 (with some overlap) are owned as a MUPO license (this is the CRKN collection.)

Then under Books Available but not Owned you’ll see that there are 12 titles which your library doesn’t have access to.