Every desLibris Account has access to CELARC, the MARC archive. Here all records in the system are available for query or review.

As a convenience for subscribers, each  Account provides pre-built record sets corresponding to the subscribed content. See here for more information

This site is open to the public for search of all books and documents in desLibris and the Canadian Electronic Library. The site also provides several MARC support functions for institutions subscribing to the service. Using CELArc, subscribers may export and download selected MARC records customized for their institutional OPACs. And they may report errors and request corrections from SLC, the MARC supplier for CEL.


There are two levels of access. A "Guest" account is provided by default for the public, who may use the site for document search and retrieval.

Authorized users are desLibris/CEL library administrators who may access CELArc through their desLibris Library Dashboard.

Guest account login:  http://marc.deslibris.ca/cgi-bin/opac/opac.pl

login: guest

password: guest

Document Search and Retrieval

The first page presented is the Search page. Enter a search term and select "Search" (find every occurrence) or "Browse" (find the term at the beginning of the entry.) The next page is the results page, which presents all hits and offers a variety of views for each record.  

Public Document Download

Every public document in the CEL database is stored on this site under a persistent URL.This resource is available to the public for use without charge. When a Search is executed, the documents available for downloading are shown with a "PDF" logo in the lefthand margin. (Any public document may be downloaded, provided that the copyright provisions given in the document are observed.) Records shown without the PDF symbol are copyright titles which are not available for download.

MARC Record Export/Download

Libraries subscribing to CEL may use the site to obtain a set of MARC records customized for their institution. To do this, execute a search and display the results. (The "Browse" command cannot be used for this purpose; no selection boxes will appear on the browse results page.) Use the selection boxes or the "Check All" dialogue at the bottom of the page to select those records required for the set, and click on the "Export" button at the bottom of the page. The next page will then present a "Download" button, which, when selected, will offer a choice displaying or saving the file created.  

Export sets may also be created by clicking on "Export" on the toolbar. This will present a "Batch Export" tool. In the upper box, you may type or paste a list of control numbers (in the format "ebr99999999") with one record per line. This will create a set of matching records for export.  

A second means of creating an export set is to use the lower box to upload a text (.csv) or MARC file containing the control numbers of the records you wish to export.

Records exported/downloaded by authorized users will contain the customized 856 field for their institution, which will allow the record to be easily integrated into the institutional database. The customized 856 field looks like this:

856  40$uhttp://site.ebrary.com/lib/CLIENTNAME/Doc?id=10083075$zAn electronic book accessible through the World Wide Web; click to view

There is a 2000-record limit for search or online download.


The History link on the menu presents a list of your past searches and allows for the recreation of results, export sets and searches.  

Advanced Search

The "Advanced" link on the toolbar takes you to a more detailed search form that supports boolean combinations, phrase searching, date criteria, etc.  


The "MARC" link in the toolbar presents a search form that allows for searching specific MARC fields with Boolean combinations of search terms.

Error Reporting

To report errors, search for and display the record, then click on “Report Error” in the toolbar. This will generate an email to the SLC Support Desk, and you’ll receive a correction or reply within 2 days.