“Though almost all government documents are now "born digital”, university libraries continue to acquire domestic government documents in print for their govdocs collections. Print is an option which non-academic and special libraries (especially in law firms) can no longer afford. One commercial publisher has collected Canadian “born digital” govdocs into a comprehensive collection and made it available to subscribers online: the Canadian Electronic Library-Canadian Public Policy Collection. This is a collection of “monograph” publications (no periodical series) from Canadian federal and provincial government agencies, public policy institutes, advocacy groups, think-tanks, university research centres and other public interest groups, in both English and French. The collection, which is built on the ebrary ebook platform, currently includes over 24,000 titles. Licences are surprisingly liberal and subscription costs reasonable, so that it is as easy for law firms to subscribe as it is for a larger public or academic library. Because our university library – as does the library of every university with a law school – has a govdocs library that is an official government depository, and also because we subscribe to the Canadian Electronic Library described above, we at the Osgoode Hall Law School Library essentially no longer acquire govdocs.
Louis Mirando
Chief Law Librarian,
Osgoode Hall Law School

"The reason a service like the Canadian Public Policy Collection makes sense is that libraries cannot cope with all the good free material on the web. There is so much material from so many sources that we cannot possibly keep track of or download everything that's pertinent. A library also needs to add worthwhile materials to its catalogue, which is where it lists what it selects for its users. By supplying the documents in an aggregated form along with MARC cataloguing, the Canadian Public Policy Collection is fulfilling both these needs for libraries. And in doing so, it's providing a worthwhile service for the organizations whose publications it covers by making their material more widely available to students and library users." Karen Lippold Information Services Librarian, Memorial University Library

"CHRC addresses an important problem, with information on the Canadian health care system not well indexed or distributed. Much useful information is hidden in technical reports of research bodies, varying from university research institutes to think tanks such as the Fraser Institute. Even though many are available in electronic form on the Internet, these publications are difficult for libraries to make accessible." Jim Henderson
Henderson & Associates

"The Canadian Health Research Collection is an excellent Canadian product." Penny Logan Hospital Librarian Halifax, Nova Scotia

La Collection des politiques officielles du Canada

Cette collection de monographies provient d'institutions politiques canadiennes, d'agences gouvernementales, de groupes d’intérêts, de groupes de réflexion, de centres de recherches universitaires et des groupes de défense de l’intérêt public. Les organisations représentées dans cette collection sont à la fine pointe de la recherche et des opinions entourant tous les domaines de la politique publique canadienne. Ces publications sont indispensables pour comprendre les enjeux actuels dans tous les domaines de la vie publique canadienne.

La collection 2004-2013 compte plus de 25 000 titres, et notre service ajoute à cette collection de plus de 3 500 titres actuels annuellement.

La Collection des recherches canadiennes en santé

Cette collection de monographies provient d’instituts de recherche canadiens, d’agences gouvernementales et de centres universitaires œuvrant dans les domaines de la santé et de la recherche médicale. Les organisations qui figurent dans cette collection publient un grand nombre d’ouvrages portant sur la recherche primaire dans ces domaines. On trouvera dans cette collection des documents de politique générale mais aussi des outils techniques spécialisés.

La collection actuelle (2004-2013) compte plus de 11 000 titres, et notre service ajoute à cette collection plus de 1 500 documents supplémentaires et actuels annuellement.