Welcome ICCS Members

In November 2013 the International Council of Canadian Studies signed an agreement with Canadian Electronic Library which entitles ICCS members to large discounts on the new desLibris.ca  service.

desLibris provides access to over 50,000 monographs from Canadian publishers and public agencies delivered on a platform designed for discovery and easy access. All books in desLibris.ca are available to the public in preview form, but payment is required for access to the full content of the collection.

The ICCS agreement gives discounts to all ICCS affiliates* outside Canada. Discounts are based on location as follows:

US or Australia


UK, Europe, Latin America, Africa or Asia


These discounts will be applied to the minimum institutional price of each collection on the basis of geographic location as follows:

Content Option

Standard Price

ICCS Member Discounts

UK, Europe, Latin America, Africa or Asia: 75%

US or Australia: 25%

Public Documents




Books Online




Universal Loan




These are institutional discounts only. No discount will be applied to Individual Membership prices, which are already low.

desLibris provides an automated registration process which allows ICCS members to identify themselves and be granted the appropriate discounts during the registration process.

The registration sequence will verify applicants against the database of members supplied by ICCS. If an ICCS affiliation cannot be verified, the discount will not be granted.

*An “ICCS Affiliate” is an institution (usually a University, but may be a department or centre within a University) of which ICCS individual members are staff or students.

How to Get Started

Go to Register  and enter your email address. This will be verified against our ICCS database, and your institutional affiliation will be displayed. Once you have accepted this, the pricing presented in the content options will be the discounted prices shown above.

Your account will be activated as soon as you complete the process. If you are registering for a Library/Institution, all visitors to desLibris through your institutional IP address or range(s) will immediately have full access to the content options you choose. See below for information on the free trial period and invoicing.

Institutional and Individual Memberships and IP Addresses

desLibris offers institutional and individual memberships. The difference between the two is the IP address. Individual members are password-authenticated, so IP addresses  are optional. On the other hand, we cannot accept institutional memberships without IP addresses, which are the means by which we will authenticate multiple users.

In step 4 of the registration process you will be asked to supply an IP address. In some cases the system will complete this information for you. But where this does not occur, you will need to provide this information, which our system will validate.

Free Trial and Satisfaction Guarantee

For all new members, the first month of service is considered a free trial. You will not receive an invoice until 30 days after your registration date. During this trial period, you may test the service and you may cancel without further obligation at any time during this period.

On the 25th day of your trial, you will receive an email reminding you that the trial period is coming to an end and giving you cancellation instructions. (There is a simple "cancel" button on your account dashboard.)

On Day 31 of your membership (if you have not cancelled,) an invoice will be emailed to the business email address you've given in the registration setup. The invoice will be payable within 30 days. If payment is not received within this period, your account will be suspended. It will be activated as soon as payment is received. Payment is accepted via mailed cheque or Paypal.

desLibris memberships operate on a 365-day cycle, which may start on any date.

There is no special action needed to sign up for this trial offer, which is automatically extended to all new registrants.

Free Access to desLibris Documents for ICCS Members

Canadian Electronic Library is now offering access to the Public Documents collection in desLibris to ICCS members.

To gain access to this subset, go to Register and enter your email and the promo code ICCS-DOCS at the bottom of the page. Finish the quick registration process and you'll receive a welcome email with your login information. Signing in with this password will give you free access to the 38,000 public documents on desLibris. You will be able to search and preview all titles on the site, but only the documents will be available in full text and for PDF download.