Publishers’ Guide to Special Collections 

Using the Special Collection option, Publishers may set aside one or more titles in their catalogues for special pricing. Here’s how it works:

A Special Collection may contain one or many titles. All content decisions are made by the publisher.

Pricing and terms of access are set by the publisher. Special Collections are given persistent urls which publishers may use to promote with their own markets. 

The Special Collection option will be of interest to publishers of

  • Series or Subject collections issued by specialized publishers
  • Titles aimed at a unique audience, such as courseware titles
  • Titles for which the publisher wishes to retain control of pricing and distribution.

The “downside” of Special Collections is that a special purchase decision must be made by the acquiring library. And a desLibris Library Membership is a prerequisite for Special Collection purchase.  

The license model for SC is subscription only, so libraries will pay an annual fee for access to the collection. Publishers may tie pricing to library type, and access restrictions (embargoes) may be set for these library types.

Here are the Special Collection terms in the Publisher Agreement:

·         Royalties of seventy percent of all revenues from sales of Special Collections (net of any refunds) are paid to the owner of the Collection. 

·         Special Collection Publishers may establish pricing and terms of sale for each Collection owned using the Special Collection module.

·         Because library subscribers must have certainty over pricing and content, the following restrictions apply to the pricing and content of a SC.

o   Pricing and terms of sale may be changed only once a year for the following calendar year between the dates of September 1 and November 30 of any given year.

o   Once established, the pricing and terms of sale applicable to a Special Collection are valid for one calendar year.

o   Titles may be added to the SC at any time. But other changes (termination, pricing and content withdrawal) may be made only during the period of September 1 through November 30. Any changes made during that period take effect on January 1 of the following year.

Special Collection rights must include Fulltext Online. Publishers have the right to allow or disallow Universal Loan as an optional license model. Where Universal Loan is allowed, the charge must be built into the SC pricing.

Special collections are available only to desLibris Library Members. New registrants are given the catalogue of special collections at the time of registration. Existing Library Members may add Special Collections to their services instantly using the Account Upgrade module. See here for more information on library purchasing.

To establish a Special Collection, please contact us.