The Publisher Dashboard

This panel provides all desLibris publishers with the tools to add new titles, manage rights and metadata for existing titles, and administer accounts. To access the panel, sign in with your Publisher login.



New Title Submission

Use this panel to submit new titles for desLibris and Canadian Electronic Library. For all titles submitted, the minimum requirement is a PDF source file as well as related metadata.

On the New Title submission panel there are two options available: 

Single title submission:  Choose this option if you have no metadata prepared. This panel provides a webform for creating metadata one title at a time. Upon completion of the record, click on “Save and go to submission page” and you'll be taken to a page for submitting the PDF.

Multiple title submission:  Choose this option to submit a metadata file for one or more titles, and the corresponding assets.  The metadata may be in ONIX format or in Excel format, using the desLibris-CEL template.  The PDFs and covers are submitted as a zip file, with maximum size 600 MB.  

Detailed instructions are found with the submission forms. Please note that:

  • A unique ISBN must be assigned to each PDF, and the PDF-ISBN must be used as the filename for the PDF and cover image files.
  • The PDF must be full-text searchable, and unsecured (no DRM)
  • The metadata should include the ISBN for the corresponding print version, if one exists.

Larger file sets may be uploaded to the desLibris File-Sharing site.  It can be accessed from the Access External Resources panel on the Publisher Dashboard.

Publishers may also choose to distribute new titles through Ingram's CoreSource or other intermediaries.

A more detailed description may be found on the How to Submit Books and Metadata page.



In this module there are tabs where you may alter account profile information, add or revise IP addresses, add individual users to the account, and manage your account settings.

The only need for entering this module will be to add new users or to change address information.

The “Edit default rights” button takes you to a form on which you can set rights for all titles in the system. If you wish to modify these on a title by title basis, please go to the “Title Management” panel.


This module provides reports on usage by title, with various formatting options.

Rights Management

This screen allows publishers to see and if necessary change the rights which apply to the titles in their catalogues.

See below for information on each numbered item.

1. Set default rights for all titles

Start by setting default rights for all titles. The screenform shows the options available and defines each.

Models include the license models offered to desLibris and CEL customers.

Embargo: In the desLibris platform, publishers may restrict exposure of books to selected markets.

2.  Advanced Search Once default rights have been set, rights on individual titles may be altered. This may be done either as a group setting (i.e. change all titles of a given publication date) or one by one. To change a group of records, use “Advanced Search” to create the set.

3. Select All / Clear Selection  The number of titles in the working set is shown in the upper right hand corner of the title display area as “Current set.” You may add titles to the set by running sequential searches or selections. Once your working set is complete, click “Select all” to create an “active set.”

Note: when building sets, always start with “Clear selection” so that the working set is comprised of only the titles you select.

4. Number of selected titles

5. Titles in current set 

This is the number of titles in the active set.

6. Set rights for selected titles

This to set variable rights for just the active set.

To return all titles in a set to default settings, ???

The “Reset to default rights” button on this page will

7. Export selected titles to Excel or Onix

These buttons will create Excel or Onix record sets for the titles selected.

8. Current setting:  Each title carries an indicator of its rights settings, “Default” or “Customized.”

9Edit metadata opens a screenform allowing for addition or editing of metadata in Onix. This is a good place to add discovery data, such as author bios, summaries, reviews and other related material.

Publisher Repository

All Publishers have access through their dashboards to a repository of all digital files held by desLibris. This may be used as a backup or a way of sending digital files to partners and distributors.

The repository presents detail on all titles. A search window (1) allows for location of desired files and download (2).

Transmission settings (3) opens the following menu which allows publishers to send the selected files to partners through FTP or popular drive services.

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