More about desLibris for publishers

desLibris provides a space where readers can find a wide selection of Canadian books with links to retailers and publisher sites. By blending documents on current public policy issues from think tanks and other public agencies with books, desLibris will draw readers interested in a broad perspective on things Canadian. On the public site, they will find your books in preview form along with the metadata you’ve provided through Biblioshare and directly.

We created the desLibris model to address a challenge that many Canadian publishers face in the library ebook market.

Current library licensing models do not serve the smaller publisher well, because they require libraries to buy titles before they can be exposed to patrons. And when libraries are faced with the choice of either purchasing more copies of the latest bestseller or the latest offering from a smaller publisher, they necessarily vote with popular demand, leaving the Canadian books unavailable.

To check this out for yourself, go to the ebook site of any large public library system and look for the {!Account.Name} books they have in their collection. Chances are you’ll find that only a small fraction of those you’ve released are available for that library's patrons to borrow.

By subscribing to desLibris, libraries can change that equation for their users. With our MARC service, they can easily put a record for every book in the collection (or just those which meet their interest profiles) into their catalogues (the usual starting place for a search.) Then, as long as publishers have allowed a title to be read online or downloaded, they can provide this option for every patron. And even if online and download rights are restricted by the publisher, the library user can still see the promotional material and be led to purchasing sites. 

What will desLibris do for publishers and authors?

By giving publishers the means to get their entire catalogues into libraries throughout Canada and the world in a Canadian studies framework, deslibris will generate retail sales and build audiences. Because it’s priced to fit the budgets of libraries of all types and sizes (public as well as academic and corporate,) it will bring your books to the attention of markets you may not be reaching. Over the coming year, we expect to have desLibris installled in hundreds of libraries in Canada and throughout the world.

How do publishers and authors get paid?

You will find the detail behind desLibris royalty payments on the contract amendment here. As is the Canadian Publishers Collection, royalties for online use are based on shares of a pool. Payments for download, however, are based on actual usage. Although we would like to be able to pay exclusively on title usage, libraries are as yet unable to handle variable payment plans. So we are starting with a general model which we aim to evolve in the direction of pay-for-what you-read.

As desLibris develops, we will also invite publishers to set up and price their own “collections.” More information on that to follow. We do not, however, expect to offer perpetual access licensing. For that reason, you will will want to maintain your books' availability through the Canadian Electronic Library, ebrary, Overdrive and other vendors offering purchase-based models, which is the preferred approach in many academic and public libraries. We are not discontinuing Canadian Electronic Library for this and other good reasons.

As a publisher distributing through CEL, what steps do we need to take to add our books to desLibris?

desLibris requires no additional effort from CEL publishers. Just as your submission of titles to CEL gets them into the ebrary/Proquest (and now EBL) catalogues worldwide, so now deslibris will be fed with the same submissions. Unless you instruct otherwise, we will add your books to desLibris under the same terms as they’re included in CEL (only subscription-licensed titles will be available for fulltext online reading or universal loan. And where you have authorized only perpetual access licensing, these titles will not be available for online reading or loan in desLibris. We have also added the desLibris amendment to your CEL contract, and your royalty payment will include desLibris-related revenues, which we will segregate.

How do publishers manage the rights and licensing terms applied to a given title?

desLibris improves publisher control over rights and permissions by providing a dashboard or "control panel" on which you can see all your titles and set individual title rights and license conditions. If you wish to change the terms under which your books are licensed in desLibris, you can do so with this utility.