How to Submit New Books and Metadata

We offer two distribution channels for publishers to libraries.  By default, each title submitted is included in both channels:

Canadian Electronic Library. Established in 2005, CEL content is delivered to libraries on the ebrary platform. There are over 16,000 books available to libraries through CEL, and all are available for subscription and/or purchase through the ebrary/ProQuest system to libraries worldwide. Because ebrary is the vendor of choice for thousands of academic libraries, titles available on CEL will benefit from wide distribution. Both subscription and perpetual access license models are offered on CEL 

desLibris As a new channel offering both open access and copyright materials, desLibris is a Canadian destination offering books to libraries on subscription models only. Every title in desLibris is advertised on the public website, and then publisher choices determine the level of access given to authenticated library users. 

Publishers may change the default settings by using the Title Rights module (see "Title Licensing Rights Selection" below for more.) 

File formats and ISBNs

For acceptance of a title in CEL/desLibris, we require the book to be provided by the publisher in PDF.  We are no longer using ePUB files.

Each title must bear ISBNs which are format-specific. In other words, each digital "asset" (PDF source file) must bear a unique ISBN, which is different from the print ISBN and the ePUB-ISBN for that title.

We require a PDF and the corresponding metadata to complete a title submission.

  • PDF is required, since the desLibris preview and full text displays are derived from PDF, and since ebrary accepts only PDF. 
  • PDF bookmarks for chapters, etc. are recommended.  They provide navigation aids in the ebrary and desLibris interfaces.
  • Cover files in jpg format are preferred, but not essential, to complete a submission.  We can extract a cover image from the PDF.
  • Metadata may be in either ONIX or Excel format. If you use an Excel file, it must be compliant with the template you can download here.
  • In either metadata format, the file must contain a record for each PDF.
  • Each record must contain the PDF-ISBN, and also the ISBN of the related print version (if it was issued in print).

If you need help in creating digital assets, you should consider becoming a Member Publisher to take advantage of our built-in conversion services. 

File names and Extensions

All PDF files submitted must be named with the book's PDF-ISBN.

As an example, for a book where the PDF-ISBN is 9781459336216, the full text file must be named "9781459336216.pdf" and the cover image must be named "9781459336216.jpg". 

There is no standardized filename requirement for metadata (ONIX or Excel) files. 


Before you can begin the submission process, you must register and set up your publisher account. 

File Submission Options 

Member publishers have several options for submitting titles: using the desLibris/Sharefile site, using a direct ftp upload, using an ftp "fetch" site, or using the menu-assisted modules available in desLibris.  Regardless which submission method is used, the correct use of naming conventions for filenames is vital.

desLibris/ShareFile:  All registered Publishers have access to a customized filesharing site, which is accessible through the Publisher Dashboard under the "Access External Resources" tab. You can use the "Title and Metadata Submission" subfolder for direct title submissions. You may upload to this folder pdfs, covers, epubs and metadata, as described above.  We automatically check the site once a week, and download new files for ingestion to CEL/desLibris.  There is no limit to the number of files that can be uploaded at a time. 

FTP Uploads: When you register as a Publisher, you will be given an FTP site on our server for direct title submissions. You may post new Assets and metadata on the site for ingestion to CEL/desLibris. Often this is the simplest way for a new publisher to get started.

FTP "Fetch" Sites:  This method is used by publishers working through Ingram's CoreSource and other intermediaries; titles to be made available to CEL/desLibris are posted on a site which we visit periodically to pick up new submissions (source files and metadata.) 

Menu-assisted submission:  Here your Publisher Dashboard is the starting point. To reach the dashboard, login to your Publisher Account. There are two options available: 

  Single title:  This option requires the creation of a metadata record using the webform in our interface. Once the record is created you'll be taken to a submission page for submitting the Asset.

  Multiple title:  This is the option to choose if you have an existing metadata file to submit. The option may be used for submitting one or more titles.

   In step 1, you will select and upload your ONIX or Excel metadata file. (For Excel submissions, please use the Excel template you can download here.)

   In step 2, you will upload the corresponding Asset files (eBooks and cover images).  All the files corresponding to the titles in the metadata file must be compressed into a single archive file (.zip or .gz) for uploading. 

   There is no standardized filename requirement for archive files, or for metadata (ONIX or Excel) files.

Setting Licensing Rights

While some rights (notably territorial rights) settings are conveyed to us in ONIX, most of the information we require for licensing is specific to our system and hence not available in that format. 

To set these rights for both desLibris and Canadian Electronic Library, go to the "Title Management" panel on your Publisher Dashboard, where you will find a link to "Set default rights for all titles." Once a title has been ingested to desLibris, it will be available for modification through that module.

Full instructions on using the module are in the associated Help screens, but here is a quick overview.

1. To create  a working set of titles, either select "all titles" or create a set using the search criteria and "set rights for selected titles."

2. Once the set has been created and selected, clicking on "set rights" will present this screen, which provides all options available:

3. When the changes have been made, "Save" to activate them.

4. All changes made will be activated instantly in desLibris. Changes will require up to 30 days to take effect in CEL/ebrary. 

5. The rights settings for each title are viewable in the catalogue record for the title in the module.