Digital Conversion Sponsorship Offer 2014

In 2006 Canadian Electronic Library sponsored a project which resulted in the digital conversion of nearly 4000 titles for 12 Canadian publishers. The project successfully “kick-started” ebook engagement for these publishers by completely offsetting the cost of conversion with royalty payments.

In 2014 we are offering a similar subsidy program, which will work as follows:

  • Interested publishers will submit a list of titles for subsidy consideration.
  • Although uPDF is a basic requirement, additional formats (ePUB, Mobi) may be added.
  • Pricing will adhere to the standard desLibris conversion price list (with the CollectionPoint discount.)
  • codeMantra will provide a quote on conversion based on the list supplied.
  • Publishers may accept or reject the quote.
  • If the quote is accepted, a letter of agreement (see link below) will govern the engagement.
  • Publisher must agree to include the titles converted in CEL/desLibris under Perpetual Access licensing terms, selecting either SUPO or MUPO terms at Publisher option.
  • Publisher must supply digital source files or hardcopy originals by April 30, 2014.
  • Extended payment terms will be offered by codeMantra as follows:
    • codeMantra will invoice publisher on completion at 50% of quoted price.
    • desLibris will deduct the balance of the cost from royalties due by 12/31/14.
    • If royalties are not sufficient to offset the balance, Publisher will pay the difference by 3/31/15.

The letter of agreement is here.

If you are interested in receiving a quote, please submit your list of titles for consideration using this template. 

This offer is open for acceptance until March 31, 2014. To indicate interest or submit questions, contact us.