The Library Title Selector Account

One of the options built into desLibris is a feature called “Title Selector.” This is designed for libraries interested in purchasing perpetual access licenses to books in deslibris or the Canadian Electronic Library.

A Title Selector Account allows library administrators to use desLibris to identify titles of interest, obtain price quotes and place orders.

If your library has ever purchased a perpetual access license from CEL on the ebrary platform, you may use this account to determine which licenses you own and exclude them from orders.

The Title Selector features are available to account administrators for all desLibris subscribers. But the feature is also available to administrators in libraries which may not yet have opened a desLibris account.

To register for a free Title Selector Account, go to, choose Library, enter your account information, and in Step 6 choose the “Title Selector” option. Your account will be established as a free account, and you will have password access to the Library Dashboard. You will have preview access to all titles on the site, as well as to the fulltext of any titles for which your library has acquired a perpetual access license.

Selecting and Purchasing Titles under Perpetual Access Licenses

To get started with title selection, login with your administrative password and create a search.

On the Results tab, you will see a save search option.

Clicking on “Save search to obtain quote” will take you to a dialogue box offering you the choice of limiting the results to titles not owned (1). You may also limit to license availability (2). You may play with the search to improve the filter to catch only those titles you wish to order. When your search is ready, give the search a name (3) and click “Save.”

The next screen will be the "Manage Saved Search" panel on the Library Dashboard. This will present the search you have saved (as well as all previous saves) and give you the tools to edit or confirm the order.

Clicking Edit/Confirm Order will take you to the Quote/Order Wizard, where you may select a preferred perpetual access license model.

Step #2 will permit you to select licenses required and number of licenses (if more than one SUPO license is needed).

This screen is interactive, so the addition or removal of any title or a change in model ordered will change the running totals.

When your selection is complete, moving to the next step will give you a total (including applicable takes) for your order.

Selecting “Just send me a quote” will generate a confirmation message and an emailed quote in Excel form which you may use to modify or alter. The form looks like this:

Selecting “Confirm Order” will generate an order. This will be confirmed by an Excel list emailed to your address.


The order will be acknowledged by deslibris and placed with ebrary.

Implementation of the order will require 5-7 days. We will add the titles ordered to your library’s ebrary channel and forward our invoice, which will be identical to the amount quoted.

Upgrading from Title Selector Accounts

At any time you may add content access to your Title Selector account. To do this, go to Account Administration on the Library Dashboard. In the Account Settings tab are the available upgrade options. (See the Library Dashboard help page for more detail.) Select the options desired and click Upgrade. You will be taken through a quote and confirmation process, resulting in an invoice. At this point, your account will become a standard desLibris account, and your library users will have IP-authenticated access to the new content ordered. The Title Selector feature will remain for Administrators logging in with passwords.