The Library Dashboard

This is the locus of all Administrative modules in the system; it’s available to Administrators only. The dashboard  appears on the menu bar only after you sign in with your administrator password.

MARC Records Management

Most libraries will want to obtain MARC for all titles in their collections.

If you are subscribing to a desLibris collection, like Public Documents or Books Online, the simplest way to obtain MARC sets is through the Standing Collections page, where there are links to each collection, as well as to sets filtered by Dewey number for libraries who may wish to limit access by subject.

Once you have downloaded the basic set, it would be a good idea to set up regular deliveries for future updates. To do this, follow these steps:

For all Books and Public Documents:

For all Public Documents:

For all Books Online:*

In each case, include all titles (1) choose a limit (2), name the search and activate automatic delivery (3).

*Because Universal Loan is a subset of Books Online, there is no need for a corresponding MARC set. All available titles will be included in set 2.

After you click “Save,” the search will be recorded in the MARC Records Management module, showing the settings you have chosen.

Deliveries will commence to your email address on the day following the order, and then new records (for newly-added titles) will arrive monthly thereafter.

Account Administration

In this module there are tabs where you may alter account profile information, add or revise IP addresses, add individual users to the account, and manage your account settings.

This latter tab is shown below.

The tab shows your subscription information and the current content options you have chosen. In the example above, both Books Online and Public Documents options are active.

In the lower section (“Available Upgrade Options,”) are the content options which are available for addition to your account.

To add one or more, click on "Upgrade." This will take you to an Account Upgrade sequence of pages, allowing you to select from available collections. Each selection will present the price applicable to your institution (based on population size.) Once you have made the selections, you will be given a confirmation screen showing billing information.

If this is acceptable, click on Proceed to the next step: Create the invoice. This will generate an invoice for the upgrade ordered, and return you to the system.

The new content ordered will be immediately available to your users.

CELArc Access

CELArc is the MARC archive or "OPAC" for desLibris and Canadian Electronic Library.

Because CEL MARC records must be customized so that the 856 or link field in the record points to the customer-specific site, each CEL customer has a password-based login to CELArc, where records may be generated that are site-specific.

Every desLibris account has access to CELArc through this module. CELArc may be used for searching, creating and exporting MARC record sets which are customized for CEL. Records may also be generated on demand for desLibris titles, but since the urls are generic, no site-specific customization is required.

Perpetual Access Ordering

This module is designed for libraries which have purchased perpetual access licenses to books in the Canadian Electronic Library on the ebrary platform and who wish to purchase licenses to additional titles. While this process can be accomplished through an ebrary site, desLibris offers simplicity and additional selection tools.

Using this module is similar to the process for ordering MARC records. Sets of titles are created using a search, and then the results are exported as either quotes or orders.

If your library has ever purchased a perpetual access license from CEL on the ebrary platform, you may use this module to determine which licenses you own and order new titles.

To use this module (and all  modules on the dashboard,) you must be logged in with your Administrator password. Once logged in, create a search for titles of interest.

On the Results tab, you will see a save search option.

Clicking on “Save search to obtain quote” will take you to a dialogue box offering you the choice of limiting the results to titles not owned (1). You may also limit to license availability (2). You may play with the search to improve the filter to catch only those titles you wish to order. When your search is ready, give the search a name (3) and click “Save.”

The next screen will be the "Manage Saved Search" panel on the Library Dashboard. This will present the search you have saved (as well as all previous saves) and give you the tools to edit or confirm the order.

Clicking Edit/Confirm Order will take you to the Quote/Order Wizard, where you may select a preferred perpetual access license model.

Step #2 will permit you to select licenses required and number of licenses (if more than one SUPO license is needed).

This screen is interactive, so the addition or removal of any title or a change in model ordered will change the running totals.

When your selection is complete, moving to the next step will give you a total (including applicable takes) for your order.

Selecting “Just send me a quote” will generate a confirmation message and an emailed quote in Excel form which you may use to modify or alter. The form looks like this:

Selecting “Confirm Order” will generate an order. This will be confirmed by an Excel list emailed to your address.


The order will be acknowledged by deslibris and placed with ebrary.

Implementation of the order will require 5-7 days. We will add the titles ordered to your library’s ebrary channel and forward our invoice, which will be identical to the amount quoted.

Download Public Documents

For subscribers to public documents collections, we provide this feature which allows the public documents in CEL & desLibris to be downloaded in batch form.

The files in this location are zipped files of PDFs which may be downloaded and hosted locally.

Each PDF file is named with the desLibris Document ID, as in 234567.pdf.

Set Constraints to Limit User Access to Particular Titles

Administrators may set constraints on user access to titles online.

To do this, go to the "Settings and Content Options" tab on the Admin module in your Library Dashboard.

At the bottom of the frame, click on the "Apply Customized Search Settings" checkbox.


This will open the Advanced Search dialogue box:

Here you may create a search which will act as a limit on users' ability to see titles in desLibris.

For example, to limit access to titles only in French, use this search.

Or, to limit access to Documents only, use this search.

Or, to limit access to the Dewey Classifiction of "Law," use this search.

If you wish to restrict access to only titles available to your users in fulltext, remember to check the "Limit search to titles where fulltext is available" checkbox.

To save the customized search, click Save and exit. (Remember to save again before leaving the Admin module.)

When a Customized Search Setting has been applied by an Admin, the button will show that a search limit has been applied.

When constraints/limits are in effect, the Advanced Search dialog also shows them to users as illustrated here:


To erase or change settings, return to the Admin panel and either clear or enter a new set of limits.

Usage Reports

On the Reports panel of the Library Dashboard you will find the Usage Reports button. Clicking here will open the reports module, where you may select date ranges and report types to download reports. 

The following material is a guide to the elements on the Library dashboard.