What is Web-enhanced PDF? 

If you're publishing reference or non-fiction and spending money on indexes and high quality production, you should consider WE-PDF. As more and more users read these online or on devices, they will need the navigation tools that these links provide. It's false economy to create a good index and then to make it useless in a digital environment for a sake of a few more dollars. Every index entry and every TOC page number is linked to its target. No editorial judgment required; once the index is produced in print the links will be added in the UPDF.


The W-E PDF makes it possible for every publisher, regardless of size, to maximize revenue streams and reach every major distribution channel with one simple and economical format. For a modest per-title fee, a Universal PDF offers a quick return on investment and immediately opens up new revenue streams with all distributors. 

Features of Web-enhanced PDF
  • Fully searchable using Adobe Acrobat Search
  • Properly embedded fonts
  • Cropped registration marks
  • Image and text disclaimers

  • Bookmarked table of contents

  • Linked table of contents (to three levels)

  • Headings linked to table of contents (to three levels)   

  • Cover page cleaned up and inserted
  • Linked endnotes

  • Linked external URLs 

  • Images optimized for web delivery 
  • Indices linked

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Web-enhanced PDF

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Sample Universal PDF

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