ePUB and Fixed Layout Conversion

deslibris and collectionPoint  offer fixed layout conversion services. Fixed layout is best for multicolumn text pages, sophisticated illustrations and/or artistic photography, color page elements aid text comprehension and books where the page design plays a vital role in reader experience. 

Examples of books that are best suited for fixed layout conversion:

Comic Books

  • Faithful representation of original art is a must.
  • Aspect ratio must remain stable.
  • Cartoonist’s hand-drawn lettering perfectly reproduced.
  • Search feature sacrificed because text is displayed as image.
  • Pinch and zoom feature is essential for comfortable viewing.
  • Use of color in Sunday comics can evoke mood or feeling.


  •  Many AMP cookbooks are really lifestyle books.
  • Page design and sidebar stories share spotlight with the recipes.
  • Design elements are critical to enjoyment of book.
  • Viewing in page spreads central to reader experience.
  • Exceptional quality photography can be enjoyed on large tablet screen.
  • Searchable text, hyperlinked TOC and index extremely useful.

Gift Books:
  • In gift books illustration and text have equal importance.
  • Color and graphics support reader comprehension and/or enjoyment.
  • Position of design elements is locked.
  • Lists and tables easily pulled out and set off from body copy.
  • Display fonts can be rendered as images.

collectionPoint has years of experience with fixed layout. Building a fixed layout eBook requires specialised skills at layout, in particular:
  • Each page is a separate XHTML document, two-page spread consists of 2 XHTML documents
  • Book‟s first page must begin on the right-side of the first 2-page spread, usually the cover page
  • Even-numbered (internal) pages are on the left; odd-numbered pages are on the right
  • Each XHTML document must have the width and height of the book
  • iBooks uses these dimensions to set aspect ratio of the book
  • Values should be consistent throughout the book
  • Pixels (not ems) should be used for measuring font size & text placement

How to work with images in a fixed layout file:

  • images should not contain textual content
  • images may be in PNG or JPEG
  • JPEG files generally smaller file size
  • Remember that page images can be zoomed
  • full bleed images no smaller that 738 x 985 pixels (size of a single page in iBooks) with no scaling
  • recommended twice the intended display size (up to 2 megapixel limit)
  • Images must be coded in XHTML
  • CSS can contain styling but not the URL of the image
  • Detailed alternative text should be provided for accessibility
  • If an image overlaps two pages, relative positioning in the CSS can be used
  • for highest quality, it is recommended to slice the image in two
  • allows better quality images for zooming