From PDF: A simple approach to digital book conversion

By combining automation and proprietary technology, we are able to offer desLibris publishers high quality, rapid turnaround and prices lower than ever.

See before you buy Every title in the desLibris catalogue has been converted from PDF to HTML5. These are visible to member publishers on their dashboard.
Exact quote; simple ordering Using the simple order form on the dashboard, select the titles and formats required, get a binding price, and place your order.
Rapid delivery Your converted ePUB files will be delivered within one week; rush orders are accepted for more rapid delivery.
Guaranteed quality The Fixed Layout ePUB will reflect exactly the PDF. Where this is not the case, corrections are done without charge.

Say goodbye to:

Font copyright issues No copyrighted fonts are used in the process even though we preserve the original appearance of the printed products. There is no font obfuscation necessary.
Source files All work is done from PDF; no InDesign or source files are required.
Excessive review time For Fixed Layout, 100% correspondence to PDF is guaranteed.
Math and table problems Where these are present in the PDF as vectors/text, they will be delivered as HTML coded text, enhancing clarity and functionality.
Vendor hassles Fixed layout ePub files can be uploaded all major vendors.
Language issues The process is Language agnostic. RTL (right to left) languages are not a problem.

How does it work?

Every book title available for distribution on desLibris has been rendered in HTML5 from a print or other PDF supplied by the publisher. Fixed layout ePUBs are simply “packaged” HTML. So the book that you see on desLibris is an exact rendering of the Fixed layout ePUB you will receive. The Reflowable ePUB version will be different only with respect to page layout, which is what makes it “reflowable.”

With a desLibris Member Publisher account, ordering a conversion is simple:

  • Login to your account.
  • If the title for conversion is not yet in your catalogue, use the simple title submission process to provide a PDF.
  • Open “Manage Titles" on Publisher Dashboard.
  • Search and place titles for conversion into cart.
  • Go to cart to select formats required. Every format for every title is pre-priced.
  • Based on selections, request an exact quote which will be emailed
  • Accept or revise quote and place order.
  • Deliveries will be made to yours and/or your distributors ftp sites, and archival copies will be deposited to your repository for future use.

Complete instructions on ordering from your publisher dashboard.





Web-Enhanced PDF

This is PDF enhanced with navigational aids like bookmarked and tiered Tables of Contents and linked Index entries


Fixed Layout ePUB

Fixed layout ePUB provides accurate correspondence to the PDF supplied (works with iOS, and Kobo)



Fixed Layout mobi

Otherwise known as Kindle Format 8, this is a fixed layout format with Kindle compatibility (best suited for content that requires fixed layout)

Reflowable ePUB

To produce reflowing eBook formats, we hand-code HTML to ensure that there is a one-to-one correspondence between the original PDF and the final eBook files. (Works with all platforms that accept ePub files)


Reflowable mobi

This format derives from Reflowable ePUB and provides Kindle compatibility across devices.

Both ePUB Formats



HTML5 Fixed Layout

The HTML formats are by-products of ePUB production. The advantage of HTML is its universality; this one format is readable on any device with a browser. The books on desLibris are presented in HTML5.


HTML5 Reflowable


All Formats Above



All prices in Canadian dollars

  • All conversions are done from PDF or InDesign.
  • Invoiced upon delivery
  • Guarantee: 100% conformance to PDF supplied.
  • No minimum
  • Where additional custom work is required, we will provide a specific quote.
  • Conversion from print is available to order.

Formats Accepted by Major e-Book Vendors

Fixed Layout Reflowable PDF HTML/Word
Amazon Yes (KF8) Yes (Mobi) No No
Apple Yes Yes iBook No
Google Yes Yes Yes No
Kobo Yes Yes No No
Barnes & Noble Yes Yes Page Perfect No

More on Formats

ePUB2 or ePUB3?

All conversions conform to the ePUB3 standard, and can be validated by the ePUB checker found at

Reflowable ePUB

This is the most prevalent ePUB format. It gives you an ebook legible on all sizes and types of screens—from the small cell phone screen to a large desktop reader. The reflowable format does not support:

  • Full-bleed images
  • Text placed over images
  • Multiple columns of text (text in reflowable ebooks must be in full-width paragraphs)

Fixed Layout ePUB

These are HTML-based eBook files that are usually designed to match the layout of a print book. They work best for textbooks, technical or scholarly works, illustrated children's books, coffee-table books, comic books, comic strips, and magazine-style layouts. Features:

  • More control over page layout because they are coded to each specific device.
  • Images can spread across the entire page
  • The ebook text can be placed over images
  • Text can be arranged in multiple columns within a page

Web-Enhanced PDF

This option contains the following navigational tools:

  • Full bidirectional hyperlinks between Tables of Contents and Headings
  • All index page references are hyperlinked to their origins
  • All footnote and endnote numbers are hyperlinked to their targets
  • All external urls are active

This format should be chosen for any title with an index, and indeed for any non-fiction title. As more and more users use online or portable books, they will need the navigation tools that these links provide.

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