Services for Publishers 

All publishers with titles on desLibris have access to a dashboard providing these tools:

Title Management

This module allows a publisher to determine the models and terms under which its titles are made available in desLibris. Options are also provided for creating Onix or Excel outputs from the title metadata.


This module allows for preference changes and account user management.

CollectionPoint Access

Member Publishers have the additional benefit of access to a suite of services provided by codeMantra; a leading international supplier of digital services for publishers. 

The portal to codeMantra services is the CollectionPoint digital asset management system.


One Publisher's Experience

Pembroke (  is a Canadian educational publisher providing practical, quality books for teachers, librarians, and parents on topics ranging from writing and reading, to grammar and speaking, to thinking and drama, and to classroom management and major issues in education.


In fall 2011, Pembroke embarked on an ebook marketing program and chose codeMantra as its conversion supplier.

Since then Pembroke has converted 60+ titles to Universal PDF. They use the PDF for distribution through their website as well as for submission to ebook distributors like CEL and desLibris.

The program has been a success. Since the program began, Pembroke has earned more than double its conversion investment in CEL royalties alone.

As a CollectionPoint customer, Pembroke can use the system to set up easy distribution of their digital assets to other online retailers and distribution partners as they develop additional agreements.

“Our partnership with CEL/codeMantra has helped us move into digital distribution with ease and simplicity. We’re delighted with the progress we’ve made.”

Alison Parker
Marketing Coordinator

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