Public Documents Collection

A curated collection of monographs from Canadian public policy institutes, government agencies, advocacy groups, think-tanks, university research centres and other public interest groups. The organizations included in this collection represent the leading edge of primary research and opinion in all areas of Canadian public policy. Their publications are vital to the understanding of developing issues in every arena of Canadian public life. This collection includes all titles in the former Canadian Electionic Library Public Policy and Health Research Collections, the latter of which covers monograph publications from Canadian research institutes, government agencies and university centres working in the area of health and medical research.

There are over 40,000 titles in the current combined collection to date, and the service provides 300-400 new current titles to subscribers every month. Beginning in 2016, new documents are added to the collection on at least a weekly basis, with key titles in the news appearing daily.

Government of Canada Publications

The Government  Publishing Services Directorate issues weekly instalments of new federal publications in its "Weekly Acquisitions List" service. While desLibris has included titles from these lists, we have been highly selective. Over the past 10 years we have included about 4600 titles,representing a small percentage of those made available through the service.

In 2016 desLibris has expanded its coverage of this material by providing weekly harvests and inclusion of every significant title in this set, offering the "Government of Canada Publications" collection, which is visible here. These titles appear on desLibris within days of the publication of each weekly issue. Selection criteria are simple; every title with a link to an electronic version is included if it is more than 5 pages in length. Titles in both languages are included. The service begins with the "15-51" issue of December 18, 2015. 

All titles in this collection are available to the public for online reading without DRM. The "More Detail" frame on each title includes a link back to the original PDF for downloading from the Checklist site. While the Checklist documents are accessible to the public, there are additional benefits for subscribing libraries, which include

  • MARC records with 856 links to the desLibris instance
  • IP authentication and branding
  • Patrons may freely download documents in PDF
  • Libraries may download PDFs in bulk for local storage
  • Usage reports 

MARC Records for Government of Canada Checklist

Using the MARC XML feed on the Checklist website, we are creating MARC records for all titles meeting the above selection criteria in the Checklist issues.  The service begins with the issue dated 15-51; updates are generated weekly.

  • The XML records are converted from print AACR2 to electronic "pseudo RDA." 
  • Diacritics in the original records are normalized. 
  •  desLibris URLs are added to the URLs already in the 856 field.  
  •  Library subscribers may add these sets to their MARC download standing orders.

The service is free of charge and available on this public site.