Lemon-Aid Guides

A staple for libraries in print form, the Lemon-Aid Guides are now available online. The collection includes new editions as they appear, as well as access to three years of back issues. Both editions are included: "New Cars and Trucks" and "Used Cars and Trucks."

Best-sellers for over thirty years. Lemon-Aid new and used car/truck guides are unlike any other auto books on the market. Their main objective, to inform and protect consumers in an industry known for its dishonesty and exaggerated claims remains unchanged. These guides also focus on warranties and confidential service bulletins that automakers swear don't exist.


Library Type   Price/FTE or Population  Minimum  Maximum 
 University  $0.05  $500  $1,000
 College  $0.20  $500  $1,000
 Public  $0.01  $500  $2,000
 Special    $499  $499
 Individual    $249  $249