Subscription Information

With annual subscriptions, libraries may give their patrons and users easy access to online reading and download privileges not available to public site visitors.

desLibris offers these subscription collections. Click on the links to see current contents.

Books Unlimited simultaneous-user access to all Books made available for online reading.
Unlimited simultaneous-user online access to all Public Documents in the system. Subscribers to this collection also receive unlimited PDF download privileges for all titles.
All Subscription Content
 All Books and Documents

A membership includes full access to all titles in the content options chosen as well as new additions throughout the subscription period. Member libraries also get administrative tools for managing accounts and collections, ordering MARC records and monitoring usage.


Pricing is determined by library type and population served. The registration process calculates the applicable membership fee based on the profile information entered. See Price List.

How to Add Content Options

Once a subscription has been established, libraries may easily add more content to their profiles using a simple upgrade module. With a few clicks, a new collection can be added immediately. Or a quote can be generated for future consideration.

Consortium and Affiliate Purchase Discounts

Discounts are available for consortia and other membership groups. More detail here.

Price Estimate/Quotation
To get an estimate of the pricing that would apply to your Library, go to Register and complete the steps below. choosing the options you wish to include. In the final step you will be given the choice of starting your membership or receiving a quotation.

Free Title Selector Account

Another option for trying desLibris is provided by this account type, which is free for library administrators. You may choose this option during the registration process. More information here.

To Get Started

To join desLibris, go to Register and take the steps shown below.


1. Choose a membership path (Library, Publisher, Individual)

2. Select a consortium membership if applicable.

3. Enter contact information and populations served

4. Provide IP ranges for authentication

5. Choose content option(s)

6. Choose to receive a quote or start a trial.

(Please review the license agreement before starting the registration process; acceptance of the terms is required before completion.)

After your registration has been processed, you’ll receive a welcome email with a password giving you access to your account and instructions for using the system. Any Administrative user will have access to MARC ordering tools and the Library Dashboard. All users coming into desLibris from the library’s authenticated IP range will have access to the extra features. This access will take effect immediately.

Invoicing, Free Trial and Satisfaction Guarantee

All new institutional members are automatically given a free month of access. During this period, library users have full access to the content options chosen. At any time during the trial period, content options may be removed or added, and you may cancel without further obligation during this period. (There is a simple "cancel" button in your account module.)

At the end of the trial period an invoice will be emailed to the business email address you've given in the registration setup. The invoice will be payable within 30 days. If payment is not received within this period, your account will be suspended. It will be activated as soon as payment is received. Payment is accepted via mailed cheque or Paypal.

desLibris memberships operate on a 365-day cycle, which may start on any date.

There is no special action needed to sign up for this trial offer, which is automatically extended to all new institutional registrants. Individuals must pay in advance for access.