How to Order MARC Records for desLibris Collections

Library members of desLibris have access to a MARC order module which allows administrators to select or customize sets of records for loading to OPACs or library catalogues. This helps libraries filter or direct users to only those records which conform to the library’s subject field or audience.

General information on MARC record standards, including sample records
Information on the CEL MARC processing routine

There are two ways of ordering MARC sets for desLibris accounts: Standing Collections and Custom Orders.

For ordering single records or customized sets, use the CELArc system, which is described here.

Standing Collections

All frequently-used collections are updated monthly on a regular basis. See here for a list. Click on the url for any link to download the set. Each zip file contains the MARC records (in a .mrc file) as well as a .csv list of the titles included.

Custom Orders

If the above standing sets do not meet your needs, you can download specific sets of records Using “Advanced Search.” To do this, create a search set to include all records you wish to add to your catalogue.

If you’re looking to add only Public Access Documents, you would choose “Only public documents.”


You may then add search criteria to tailor the set to the subject or local interests of your library.

Once you’ve created and run a search that contains all titles of interest, click on “Save search to order MARC records” on the Results page.

This will take you to the MARC order screen, which looks like this:


Here you can name a search, set a delivery schedule and save the order.  You may create and save multiple orders.

Receiving Custom Sets

Your first order will be delivered by email on the day following order placement. The set will contain all records matching the search. The records will be contained in a ZIP .mrc file; also in the ZIP folder will be a .csv file listing the titles included.

Updates As new titles/records are added to the set, these will be delivered to the email address on the order at the end of each month.

Corrections are bundled in the ZIP file as a separate .mrc batch file and descriptive .csv.

Records are coded in MARC leader position 5 following MARC convention as follows:




New records











A universal deletes file is posted here:

This includes all records in desLibris which have ever been removed from CEL Collections. The file is cumulatively updated monthly. Because these records all include a “d” in the leader, running this against your current set will remove any deleted records. A .csv list is also included in the ZIP folder.

Managing Custom MARC Orders

On your Dashboard you may view, re-order, edit or delete any previously-created sets. To change the delivery schedule, edit the set.

To add a new order, click on “Add a new search” or go back to Advanced Search (still logged in with your Administrator password,) create a new search and save it.

Fulltext links in Records

In the 856 field, the desLibris records contain links to the ebook content to be found on deslibris as follows:


Pertains to


MARC field


Points to




All titles


856 48$3$u


Thumbnail cover image


All titles


856 48$3$u


Medium cover image


All titles


856 40$3$u


desLibris e-book


Open Access Documents only


856 40$u


PDF document


The cover image links are provided to allow libraries to display covers with catalogue listings. The last two links are important, because they allow your users to directly access the ebook content in desLibris with one click from the OPAC record.



CELArc is the MARC Archive for CEL where users may search for and download customized record sets.

desLibris subscribers may access CELArc using a link on the Library Dashboard, which goes to a generic desLibris account, where you may search, view and download MARC records formatted for desLibris.

Full information on CELArc is  here.