Prices effective September 1, 2014

The Canadian Health Research Collection has been discontinued in 2015. It now forms part of the Documents Collection.

2 Minimum and Maximum prices apply to Academic Libraries. Maximum prices do not apply to Public Libraries. For libraries outside North America, discounts apply.

3 Discounts are provided to CRKN members to reflect content previously licensed. 

4  Further discounts apply to CRKN members who have also licensed ACUP titles through CRKN.

Perpetual Access Pricing

Prices for perpetual access licenses for individual titles are set by publishers. Under a perpetual access license, the library acquires online access rights which allow the library to retain ownership and host the access locally in the event that its ebrary channel is cancelled. We also offer a fee-based hosting service as an option.

There are two viewer options available: single-user or multiple simultaneous-user (SUPO or MUPO.)

Under the SUPO option, a title is available only to one viewer/user. In cases of simultaneous demand, however, the system informs second and subsequent users that the title is being used and provides a queuing function that manages the “lineup.” Because online books are typically used for only minutes per session, user service is not usually negatively affected with a SUPO license.

The viewing options that will be available for each title are also determined by publishers. While all Perpetual Access titles are available for SUPO licensing, some are not released by their publishers under MUPO terms.



Canadian Publishers Collection

List price

List price + 50%




Perpetual access licenses may be purchased in several ways:

  • through the eBOP feature on the ebrary partner site or the Admin tab on the library site.
  • through wholesalers like Blackwell, YBP and Baker and Taylor
  • directly from CEL using the CEL Title List.

See here for more information on ordering for perpetual access licensing.

Subscription Pricing

Subscription pricing is based on library type and size. 

Current subscribers receive new titles on a monthly basis as they are issued.
MARC records are supplied without additional charge for all titles in all collections.

Titles are accessible under an unlimited multiple simultaneous-user license.
Public Documents collections are provided on perpetual access terms.
Consortium discounts are available under the terms shown here.

License terms are set out in the Library License Agreement.