MARC Records

Most library books are discovered through the library catalogue, or OPAC. Thus a key feature of the Canadian Electronic Library is its integration with the OPAC through the MARC records we provide.

When any ebrary collection is activated, a set of MARC records is delivered through the library`s Partner Site. For subscription or growing collections, new records are delivered monthly throughout the life of the subscription.

These records are customized for the individual library subscriber. The key element in the record is the 856 field, which contains a link to the book url uniquely created for the library. This allows direct access from OPAC to online books.

More information on CEL MARC.

Sample MARC records (.PDF)

Sample MARC records (.mrc)

CELArc: The Canadian Electronic Library Archive

This is the MARC support and storage location for the Canadian Electronic Library.

CELArc is open to the public for search of all books and documents in the Canadian Electronic Library. It also provides several MARC support functions for institutions subscribing to the service. Using CELArc, subscribers may export and download selected MARC records customized for their institutional OPACs. And they may report errors and request corrections from SLC, the MARC supplier for CEL.