Canadian Publishers Plus

This new option delivers all CEL subscription titles for library use on two platforms:

Books on ebrary Documents on desLibris 
The Canadian Publishers Collection on
the new ebrary/EBL platform.
Currently more than 15,000 titles.
All public documents on the desLibris platform.
More than 37,000 titles and growing weekly.

Priced affordably for both academic and public libraries, this option offers the best of both worlds.

Books on ebrary

The new ebrary reader is robust and user-friendly, supplying many features not available on desLibris, which offers only online reading for Books. Enhanced accessibility features will also be added to the ebrary platform in the near future. Because it offers integration with other Books collections, ebrary is a better choice for academic subscribers. Read more about the new ebrary reader.

Documents on desLibris

The desLibris platform provides Document-specific features not available on the ebrary platform, which include:

DRM-free download

All documents provide users with the capability of downloading DRM-free PDFs to local machines or devices.

Perpetual Access support

Although PA rights are licensed for documents on both platforms, desLibris offers a batch download facility for all documents.

Local content publishing

Library subscribers will have a local content publishing option.

Weekly updates

Updates on ebrary are monthly; on desLibris they are weekly.

Implementing desLibris as an e-Resource on library sites is simple. More information.

MARC Record Transition Support

Where accounts have current records loaded containing 856 references to ebrary DocIDs, we will provide full customized support for easing the transition to desLibris DocIDs. This will include provision of delete keys and complete record sets for the new desLibris holdings,