Become a Content Provider

publiq is the private label version of desLibris which gives publishers their own Content Management system as well as a subscription-based model for monographs in their catalogues.

Many monograph publishers have specialized series of interests for selected audiences.

Subscriptions provide new revenue lines for monograph publishers who have been limited to distribution of single titles in PDF and ePUB formats. Subscriptions:

  • Provide content groupings of interest to institutions and individuals
  • Build continuity with user communities
  • Simplify purchasing. One order/payment gives users access to many titles
  • Provide recurring revenue

Built on the desLibris universal reader, publiq provides simple access for users on any device or online medium, while at the same time providing DRM protection.

The system can be configured for IP-authentication (best for institutional access) and password access (for individuals.)

Library licensing may be limited to single-user access.

“Buy this book” links may be set in the library environment for individual purchasing direct from publisher websites.

The service is accessed by users through the publisher website. A publishers’ publiq site is open to the public for previewing; paid registration is required for viewing fulltext.
Get started without risk: a token-based pricing system allows publishers to control both pricing and customer access, but it also eliminates front-end risk, because costs are incurred only as new subscriptions are sold.